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你不知道的守望先锋 英雄安娜互动对白一览

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  安娜:别让我说得奖感言。(I don't do speeches.)

  安娜:经典的表现。(A vintage performance.)

  安娜:我年轻的时候,这只能算正常表现。(When I was younger, we'd call this routine.)


  开大对敌方语音: 安娜:释放你的怒火吧!(وريهم قوتك!)

  开大对友方语音: 安娜:纳米激素已注入!(Nano boost administered!)

  对开大目标语音: 安娜:你已被纳米激素强化!(Hitting you with a nano boost!)

  安娜:纳米激素已注射。把敌人全干掉吧!(You're nano boosted. Get in there and do some damage!)

  安娜:你被强化了!快上!(You're powered up! Get in there!)


  击杀“黑百合”: 安娜:一枪,一个。(One shot, one kill.)

  击杀年轻角色,如“猎空”、D.Va卢西奥: 安娜:年轻人总是虚度光阴。(Youth is wasted on the young.)

  击杀“死神”: 安娜:你怎么变成这样了?(I don't even know you anymore.)

  击杀“法老之鹰”: 安娜:妈妈永远是对的。(Mother knows best.)

  击杀敌人: 安娜:论经验和美貌,你是赢不了我的。(Age and beauty, I have you on both.)

  击杀莱因哈特托比昂、“士兵:76”: 安娜:乖乖躺下吧,老头。(Settle down, old man.)

  击杀“黑百合”: 安娜:看看你,还真是人靠衣装。(Dress a stick and it'll make a beautiful bride.)

  击杀“士兵:76”: 安娜:老狗学不会新把戏。(You can't teach an old dog new tricks.)

  击杀莱因哈特: 安娜:总有一天你可以打败我,莱因哈特,但不是今天。(Someday, Reinhardt. But not today.)

  击杀温斯顿: 安娜:抱歉,温斯顿,但你的目标实在太大了。(Sorry, Winston, you're a big target.)

  击杀“猎空”、源氏: 安娜:速度快有什么用?(Speed isn't everything.)


  看见“法老之鹰”击杀敌人: 安娜:那才是我的女儿。(That's my daughter.)

  看见“法老之鹰”击杀敌人: 安娜:就跟妈妈当年一样。(Like mother, like daughter.)

  看见“士兵:76”击杀敌人: 安娜:射得很准,杰克。(Nice shooting, Jack.)

  看见“黑百合”击杀敌人: 安娜:哼,还算不错。(Hmph. Not bad.)

  看见莱因哈特击杀敌人: 安娜:莱因哈特你还是和以前一样勇猛!(Reinhardt, you haven't lost a step!)

  看见托比昂击杀敌人: 安娜:你总是会保护我,托比昂。(You always did watch my back, Torbjorn.)

  看见年轻特工击杀敌人: 安娜:照这样下去,我可真的得退休了。(Keep that up and maybe I will retire.)


  对莱因哈特: “安娜”:莱因哈特,不得不说你看上去精神很好。上天对你肯定不薄。(Reinhardt, I must say you're looking quite well. This life must agree with you.)

  “莱因哈特”:而你还是和以前一样可爱。(And you are looking as lovely as ever.)

  对莱因哈特:“安娜”:就和以前一样,莱因哈特。(Just like old times, eh, Reinhardt?)

  对“黑百合”: “安娜”:杰哈会爱上你真是蠢到家了。(Gerard was a fool to love someone like you.)

  “黑百合”:你根本不了解这一切。(You don't know anything about him.)

  对“士兵:76”: “安娜”:看样子你和我都不喜欢变成死人。(Seems like neither of us liked being dead very much.)

  “士兵:76”:想杀我们这群老兵,可没那么容易。(Old soldiers are hard to kill.)

  对“士兵:76”: “安娜”:等这一切结束,你有什么打算,杰克?(What are you going to do when the fighting's over, Jack?)

  “士兵:76”:我是个士兵,安娜。退休生活不适合我。(I'm a soldier, Ana. Retirement doesn't suit me.)

  对“士兵:76”:“ 安娜”:以你这把年纪,你看上去相当精神,杰克。(For a man of your years, you're looking pretty good, Jack.)

  “士兵:76”:他们在我身上做的实验不会毫无意义。(All that stuff they pumped into me has to be good for something.)

  对“死神”: “死神”:应该把你重新写到我的名单上了,安娜。( Guess you're going back on my list, Ana.)

  “ 安娜”:你这是怎么了,加布里尔。(What happened to you, Gabriel?)

  对“死神”: “死神”:你站在他那边,我一点儿也不惊讶。( I shouldn't be surprised you took his side.)

  “ 安娜”:你让我不得不这么做。(You never gave me much choice.)

  对“死神”: “死神”:就像以前一样。(Just like old times.)

  “安娜”:没错,除了你现在已经变成了一个杀人狂。(Right. Except for the part where you became a homicidal murderer.)

  对莱因哈特: “莱因哈特”:安娜!这怎么可能?我还以为你死了。(Ana! How can this be? I thought you were dead.)

  “安娜”:抱歉,莱因哈特。在经历了那么多事情之后,我需要时间。(I'm sorry, Reinhardt. After everything that happened, I needed time.)

  对莱因哈特:“莱因哈特”:和以前一样,是吧安娜?(Just like old times, eh Ana?)

  “安娜”:莱因哈特,即使时光飞逝,你却从未改变。(Reinhardt, things may change, but you never do.)

  对“黑百合”: “黑百合”:你曾经是个传奇……但看看你现在的样子。只不过是个老太婆而已。( You were once a legend... but what are you now? Just a shell of a woman.)

  “安娜”:那么我猜你是不想要我的签名了。(I take it you don't want my autograph then.)

  对“天使”: “天使”:安娜,我并不赞同你对我的生物技术进行的调整。( Ana, I don't approve of what you've done with my biotic technology.)

  “安娜”:抱歉,但我现在的任务正需要这些技术。(I'm sorry you feel that way, but it suits my purposes now.)

  对“天使”: “天使”:你知道吗,安娜,有些医疗手段可以治愈你的眼睛。( You know, Ana, there are procedures we could look into to repair your eye.)

  “安娜”:你的好意我心领了,但我很喜欢自己现在的样子。那只眼睛对我来说是个提醒。(You are very kind, but I am comfortable with who I am now. It is a good reminder.)

  对“法老之鹰”: “法老之鹰”:妈妈,我知道你不希望我加入守望先锋的原因,但这依然是我的梦想。( Mom, I know why you didn't want me to join Overwatch, but it's still what I want.)

  “安娜”:我并不希望你那么做。但我知道你已经下定决心,所以我还是会支持你的。(I didn't want that life for you. But I know that it is your decision, and I will support it.)

  对“法老之鹰”: “法老之鹰”:我一直都梦想有朝一日我们能并肩战斗。(I always dreamed of the day we'd fight together.)

  “安娜”:但我一直都希望你能过上更好的生活。(Wanting a better life for you was all I ever dreamed of.)

  对麦克雷: “麦克雷”:和你并肩战斗是我的荣幸,夫人。(It's an honor fightin' by your side, ma'am.)

  “安娜”:你还是这么惹人喜欢。(You always were a charmer.)

  对托比昂: “托比昂”:安娜!我们都以为你死了!( Ana, we all thought you were dead!)

  “安娜”:是啊,但我不得不回来看看你们,不然没人让你管闲事儿,你不得无聊死了。(Well I had to come back, I was worried you'd get bored not being able to stick your nose in my business.)

  对“士兵:76”: “士兵:76”:你知道的,我还欠你一条命。(You know, I still owe you for saving my life that one time.)

  “安娜”:哪一次?埃及那一次?还是俄罗斯?还是巴西?(That one time? You mean in Egypt? Or the time in Russia. Or Brazil?)

  对“士兵:76”: “士兵:76”:有你掩护,我觉得安全多了。( I feel a lot better having you watch my back.)

  “安娜”:每个人都需要一个值得信赖的朋友,杰克。(We all need someone we can trust, Jack.)

  对“士兵:76”: “士兵:76”:安娜,我们都以为你死了。你为什么不联系我们?(Ana, we all thought you were dead. Why didn't you tell us?)

  “安娜”:难道你们所有人都要问一遍同样的问题吗?(You of all people are going to ask me that?)

  对“士兵:76”: “士兵:76”:承认吧,安娜。这可比退休有意思多了。(Admit it, Ana. This is better than retirement.)

  “安娜”:你一定没去过考艾岛,对吧?(You haven't been to Kauai, have you?)


  在直布罗陀: 安娜:我做梦也没想到会再来到这里。(I never thought I'd see this place again.)

  在阿努比斯神殿: 安娜:回到家的感觉真好。(It feels good to be home.)

  在沃斯卡娅工业区: 安娜:我不能逗留太久,我可能还在监视名单上。(I shouldn't overstay my welcome. I'm probably still on the watchlists here.)